miranda frye

Miranda Frye

When I first met Miranda it was clear we were kindred spirits.  Her love and compassion were evident as we spoke about my vision for Give4 and helping businesses do well so they could do more good!  She was in 100% and as we collaborated on a strategy for her company, it was clear that Miranda is a champion for those who are weak, vulnerable, and have no voice.  As MF is our featured company this quarter with our "Shop4Purpose" link, you will see she has aligned her generosity with her passions, by partnering with an organization in India that is eliminating human trafficking for the most vulnerable through prevention at the earliest ages.

I asked Miranda 4 questions on generosity and giving back and we hope you enjoy her wisdom and honesty.  Give4 is thrilled to feature and partner with Miranda and her company, and we know you will too!

 1.  When did you realize you wanted to find a way to give back through your company?

Giving has always been a joy and a privilege for me.  Since the day I started Miranda Frye, my intention has always been to give back and support causes that are important to me and my team.

2.  Why is giving back important to you?

My life has been full of incredible loss and also incredible abundance.  Having endured extreme spiritual and emotional poverty has made me inclined to want to give to others who are suffering and in need.

3.  How has being generous impacted your life and business?

I’ve never thought of myself in terms of being generous or not. I simply enjoy giving when I can and helping others who are in need. I know that it brings me peace and joy to give back as well as gratitude for the things I have. As far as my business is concerned, it’s a LOT of work starting a business from scratch. Being able to give back and be even a small part of changing lives makes the hard work and long hours worth it.

4.  If someone is afraid to give due to finances, what would you encourage them to do and why? 

Don’t be stressed or worried about needing to give. Just look for areas in your own life where you are feeling your heart strings being pulled, then find causes and organizations that help fulfill that need that is dear to you. Do it knowing that your God given spirit is directing and prompting you. You cannot lose when giving this way. It’s so important to be a cheerful giver and giving from a place of freedom and never from a place of compulsion or guilt. To give generously, out of complete freedom, is one of life’s greatest privileges and gifts.

Thanks Miranda for being a Champion!