What do you Give4?

My life has been marked by generosity and the impact of giving.  I'll never forget the time my daughter was in desperate need of having her wisdom teeth extracted.  We had no insurance and no money to pay for such a procedure.  She was suffering and our hearts were breaking as parents who couldn't find a way to relieve the pain.  That same week my husband had a quick dinner with a friend who asked how our kids were doing.  In simple passing, my husband mentioned our daughter and our trying to figure out what to do.  This friend called the next day and offered to pay for the $2300 procedure...no strings, just generosity! We were in awe and full of gratitude for the kindness of this friend, really acquaintance, who gave in spite of his own personnel need.  You see this man wasn't wealthy by any means...in fact, you could say he was a blue collared worker.  He just had a generous heart and believed his giving would come back around when he needed it.

People give for all kinds of different reasons.  I love to give!  I have a hard time NOT giving when I hear of a need or cause.  Giving comes naturally for me, although not as easily for my husband.  Over the years we've grown in our generosity and have seen increase in our lives as a direct result; increase of joy, increase of connections, increase in our ability to give more, increase for our children, and the list goes on.  Generosity has  "pay it forward" dividends...and I've always experienced great returns on that investment!

So what do you Give4?  Do you give for causes like clean water, health care in countries with no access, refugees, homelessness, education, autism, human rights issues, missions, abolishing modern day slavery, or a friends' medical bills? Whatever you Give4, can I just encourage you to GIVE!  Give with generosity, give expecting nothing in return, give because you're passionate about it, and give because generosity begets generosity!

Let us know what you GIVE4...