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iSanctuary aims to bring hope, dignity, and freedom to every girl and young woman escaping human trafficking. Through holistic care and a safe, loving community, survivors around the globe are gaining true freedom and experiencing a future full of hope and purpose.

Their impact is global as they have centers in Mumbai, India, Kampala, Uganda, Tijuana, Mexico and Orange County, California. 

iSanctuary’s current vision and mission is to see 10 more sanctuaries opened around the globe as the need has grown with more young girls and women being rescued. A place of refuge, rehabilitation, and hope is what iSanctuary offers to each survivor, along with equipping and training them for a future of self-sufficiency and financial provision.

International Sanctuary wants to reach as many survivors as possible. Help them open 10 new sanctuaries around the world.

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More information may be found on their website.

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